Prevent Students from Feeling Insecure

According to Do Something, there are about 70 percent of girls in high school who tend to avoid people and events because of their low self-esteem. In addition, what is more interesting is that even boys in high school have low self-esteem, and about 40 percent of them have goals of trying to gain more muscle mass to change their appearance. There are many students all over the country who tend to have low self-esteem and or they don’t feel happy with their appearance. In high school, there are many students who have low self-esteem due to the influence of other students. In high school, students are at the age where they are trying to impress others and trying to compete for popularity and appearance, which can put more pressure on students, forcing them to feel self-conscious about themselves. It is very important that teachers take time to encourage their students and decrease the number of situations that may cause low self-esteem with students.

According to Self Esteem School, low self-esteem in students have been linked to many different negative behaviors, dropout rates, teen pregnancy, suicide and poor academic achievement. It is critical that teachers and parents work together in order to help reduce the chance of their students developing low self-esteem. Although, self-esteem issues may have developed before high school, it is important to be able to work with the student in managing it and hopefully ridding it completely. Teachers can play a significant role in the self-esteem of students. Many times, teachers don’t realize how critical it is to be sensitive to the needs of some students. Some students may feel self-conscious when there is a group project and the teachers allow the students to choose who they want to team up with. This puts many students in a vulnerable situation, because they are left for others to laugh at, once they all see that no one has chosen them to be a part of their team.

Nowadays, there has been many different apps and sites that teachers can utilize to help decrease the number of situations that children are put in to make them feel self-conscious about themselves. When students are given the opportunity to choose their own groups, they will choose their own friends or people who they like. This leaves other students to feel left out and or feel insecure about themselves, because no one has selected them. Those students who were not selected may go home feeling down and depressed. Teachers can now utilize apps that can randomly select groups for them. These types of apps are beneficial because it allows group selection to be randomly generated so no child feels left out. You can search: random partner generator for classrooms. From here you should get a list of apps that perform this type of action.

Overall, it is critical that teachers take the necessary steps in order to help their students. Teachers need to be more sensitive to the needs of their students when dealing with possible situations that can belittle them. If teachers want to see their students succeed in their education, it first starts with getting them emotionally healthy.