Six Tips for Traveling on A Budget

Everyone likes to travel and getting away can help reduce stress and relieve feelings of anxiety or depression. While traveling can be expensive, there are some ways to limit your expenses without sacrificing fun on the road.
Save Your Gifts
If you’re the type who loves to travel, keep that in mind around the holidays and around your birthday. Take cash gifts and gift cards and put them away for your next trip. If someone asks you what you want for Christmas, request hotel or flight reservations.
Join Coupon Sites and Groups
Whether you join a Facebook group or a website geared towards giving members coupons, this can be a great way to save money on travel and accommodations. Sites like Groupon can be a great source of savings, providing coupons specific to travel and vacationing.
Eat Cheap at Home
If we’re being honest, one of the reasons we like to travel is to try new foods from cultures with which we don’t normally interact. This means indulging in spicy foods, fried delicacies, and rich desserts. If you want to indulge abroad, eat on the cheap at home. By tightening your grocery budget (and concentrating on healthier eating choices), you’ll have more money to live it up on your next vacation.
Get a Miles-Based Reward Card
If you’re passionate about traveling, you may have already considered getting a credit card that offers airline miles as rewards. Of course, it’s important to read the terms to make sure you’re not paying for those rewards with extra fees and a higher interest rate, but they can be beneficial. Make sure you understand which purchases will earn you rewards and try to limit your card usage to those purchases in particular. This will help you build up points more quickly.

Be Flexible in Your Travel Plans
If you can afford to be flexible in your flight and your hotel accommodations, you can actually save several hundreds of dollars. Flying during off hours, such as the red eye flight, or on unpopular days can help you save quite a bit. The more popular days and times will mean paying more for the same seat.

Additionally, if you don’t need to be in the center of attention, consider staying a few blocks away from your intended destination. Staying in a suburb may save you even more, but make sure you have access to public transportation. Depending on the price difference, you might be able to rent a car and still save money.

Speaking of Getting Around…

It may be worth the effort to do a cost analysis of your expenses for getting around in your destination city. Renting a car may be cheaper than what you estimate you’ll spend on public transportation. If you’re physically active and want to get in a little exercise on your vacation, look into bicycle rentals at your destination.

Travel doesn’t always have to be expensive. By looking at nontraditional alternatives, especially for accommodations, you can save a great deal of money. Coupons are plentiful on the internet as well, so keep your eyes open for deals, while surfing the net.